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My goal is to provide a holistic approach to rehabilitation and performance in a fun, engaging environment, bridging the gap between traditional physical therapy and sports performance. My mission is to work with you to evaluate your goals: are you recovering from injury, setting new performance goals or managing a chronic issue with movement and exercise. I want to help you succeed by supporting the healing process, guiding you through with education and expertise to understand your body better in order to keep moving at your best.

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PT Evaluation for Injury Prevention
(1 hour)

Moving well is important to healthy joints and bodies. Many times, underlying restrictions or faulty mechanics can alter the way you exercise and live in daily activities which can set you up for injury. Take the time to “tune up” your engine and alignment. Have your body’s alignment, movement and function checked out, specific to your individual goals. Not only can this prevent injury, it can improve performance.

PT Evaluation for Performance Enhancement

Are you interested in understanding how to maximize your performance potential? Do you feel like your body is holding you back? Do you need more mobility in your shoulders, hips, or spine to achieve that elusive next goal? Do you want to understand how to maximize recovery? Have a functional evaluation performed to assess your movement potential and understand what key activities you can do to achieve your performance goals.

PT Evaluation for Acute Injury
(1 hour)

Are you dealing with a recent injury or a nagging problem? Get evaluated to determine underlying causes, and to learn how to support your body through the healing process. A holistic approach to movement assessment will be performed, physical therapy based differential diagnosis will be provided along with a treatment plan designed to help resolve your pain in as few visits as possible. Appropriate referrals will be provided as needed.

Maria Hock…

“I started working with Jenny in January after a tennis elbow injury. I was very frustrated that I couldn’t do any movements with my left arm because it hurt so much. Jenny was very thorough with her initial assessment and carefully looked at my body dynamics and physical capabilities to be able to diagnose and write a plan that could help me recover from my injury. She recommended dry needling and physical therapy exercises on a weekly basis. Week by week I started improving and Jenny was good at reassessing my mobility and re-writing new PT movements and exercises to strengthen my elbow, shoulders and arm. Her patience and knowledge was crucial in my recovery. Every movement and exercise she recommended had a purpose and all her recommendations worked wonders for my recovery. Every week, the exercises progressed to more challenging ones until I had full mobility of my elbow and I was pain free. I would consider visiting Jenny in the future if injury where to happen again, but I am hoping that her teachings on mobility and stretching will prevent me from getting injured in the future. I recommend Jenny as a physical therapist 100% as she is patient, knowledgeable and provides great follow up”.

Dave Olszewski…

My physical therapy experience with Jenny has been top notch!!   Her approach is professional from start to finish.  Being a self-proclaimed, "I can do it on my own" rehab patient (who rarely followed through), I was motivated to schedule and complete regular sessions as well as doing my "homework".  She explained the process in detail highlighting milestones and using positive reinforcement which drives you to trust the process.   I can honestly say I would not have made the progress and quick time to full recovery without her attention to detail and thoroughness.

Katie Casey (competitive CrossFit Games athlete)…

I am a competitive Crossfit athlete, and this year amidst the qualifiers in vying for a spot to the Crossfit Regionals/Games, I injured my back doing heavy deadlifts. It was an acute injury, and almost immediately I was unable to stand up. Jenny answered the emergency call and came to aid immediately. She worked on me that day, both on my body and keeping my mind calm, as I was devastated. The next couple of weeks, Jenny made an individualized rehab plan for me. She was available for questions and even just to hear my complaining and fears. I recovered very well and very quickly, and was able to recover and go on to compete in the Crossfit Games. I am certain without Jenny’s expertise and the intensive rehab after this injury, I would not have been able to accomplish my dreams this year.

Griffin Roelle (competitive CrossFit Games athlete)...

Being an athlete my whole life has come with copious awards, as well as injuries. Jenny has done a phenomenal job with helping not only treating said injuries but helping to correct them to prevent more injuries to come. Many nagging injuries, I accrued from football, have been addressed and worked on to help me continue competing as a Crossfit Games athlete!
I love Jenny! She is as kind as she is knowledgeable. She has helped me fix injuries from previous years of football so I am able to train for The Crossfit Games. She has been able to correct injuries that other Pt’s haven't been able to figure out and listens to what your concerns and needs are!!! Best PT I have had to date!

Chris Lydon…

“What do you do when you can barely walk because of such excruciating pain due to sciatic nerve pain in your leg? You go to Jenny Kopach of Inspired Mobility PT.

Now about 7 weeks removed from barely walking and not working out for 3 weeks I’m healthy with no pain.  I’ve been back to working out 3 days a week at my gym and mountain biked 80 miles over 5 days on grueling terrain.  She took it slow and the early exercises seemed mundane but they worked and I got more and more “homework” each week.  Did the exercises to hopefully never go back to that excruciating pain and confinement.  So thrilled, so happy, and so lucky to be healthy. Thanks Jenny Kopach, you are the best!”