I get this question all the time…When can I lift over my head again? Will I have to stop running? The doctor said I would be back to whatever I want to do in 2-3 weeks…did he or she? or is that what you wanted to hear…

One of the biggest challenges I am faced with as a physical therapist is to help you, my client, navigate through the healing process. Sure, it is easy to say, “Physiologic tissue healing requires 4-6 weeks on average, that is “Mother Nature”…you can’t speed it up!” But how do I teach you to support yourself through the process and to rebuild foundationally along the way?

What if you are the parent to three children with sciatic pain and you can’t take time away from work or from driving the kids to and fro to minimize sitting time? What if running is the way you manage anxiety or depression and without that outlet you feel overwhelmed or lost?

Reality is hard sometimes and we are whole individuals. The truth is, given the space, time and environment to navigate healing to the best of your ability, you will set foundations for long term returns, gains, and/or happiness… That is our job together, to problem solve. Recovery is a journey and a process. It is a science and an individual art. Give yourself permission to journey through it not tumble over it. One step at a time, clear expectations around small goals will help you learn how to take care of yourself. As a physical therapist, a coach, a teacher…my ultimate job is to help you help yourself.

Let’s push “reset”.

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