I see it in my practice everyday…a client comes in to me with a list of problems…things he or she can’t do…complaints of constant pain…stories about difficulty sleeping or list of “to do’s” that seem impossible to accomplish the way he or she is feeling…I listen, I ask, I observe….

When we are in pain, our breath changes. It becomes restricted, shallow and difficult or even encumbered. Without fully being aware, we dial up the tension even more with this new, less efficient pattern of breath. It begins to hurt more, we have less movement, feel tired…and the cycle continues.

Through conscious awareness of your breath pattern, practice in slowly trying to shift the rate or quality of your breath, you can start to reset your system. It won’t necessarily take all the pain away, but it will give you a tool to start somewhere…a measure of temporary relief.

To BREATHE is to

  • UNWIND– fascial restrictions and muscle tension
  • RESET– neurology, by shifting from a fight or flight system into a relax and renew system
  • FUEL– every cell of your body and clear out waste materials through respiration
  • STABILIZE– the spine through activation of deep CORE musculature that is the structural base of the musculoskeletal system

With every client in almost any situation we start with breath. Join me….RESET.